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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  March 10, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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so right now our temperatures are 13 degrees in trenton. 33 in wrightstown. 30 for wilmington. 28 in allentown. 25 in the pocanos. 30 degrees in reading. 39 in beachhaven. 34 in dover. there's the batch of moisture to head our way as we push into the afternoon. look at the timing of this system as we get closer to 2:00. so after lunch you probably will be fine and be able to eat outside for lunch. but closer to 4:00 p.m. we'll see the rain move in. once it gets here it will last throughout the evening commute. temperatures will be close to average in the mid-40s by noon. 45 degrees and mild. by 6:00 p.m. the rain moves in with temperatures at 49 degrees. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is joining us now with a look at the roads. good morning. good morning. a pretty quiet start on most of the area highways to include pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. this is a live look for drivers in delaware. route 1 at the dover toll plaza. you can see just a few cars out
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here. it's really quiet. route 1 is clear. route 13 is looking good. same situation on 95 and 495. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. and the area bridges are clear this morning. that includes the betsy ross ben franklin, walt whitman and the palmira. we are hearing from some of the passengers on board the amtrak train that crashed in north carolina yesterday. the train was headed from charlotte to new york city when it crashed into a semi-trailer in halifax, north carolina. some of the passengers made it to 30th street station last night. matt delieuucia is live with more on some of these pretty frightening stories. >> reporter: train service has been affected because of the crash leaving passengers either stranded or forced to find another way to their destination. >> oh my gosh!
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oh my gosh! >> reporter: that is the video of the amtrak train crashing into a tractor-trailer yesterday afternoon. this was in halifax, north carolina. this train was on its way to philadelphia. north carolina's highway patrol says the truck was trying to make a turn got stuck and was not able to move out of the way in time. now 55 of the 212 passengers aboard were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. first you'll hear from andrew hudson who was on the train and then an amtrak traveler who was trying to head south but is stuck in philly. >> when you ride the train, you're not expecting to stop suddenly. especially in halifax in the middle of nowhere. >> they had no accommodations for me. the first thing leaving out is friday. i don't have any money. i'm handicapped. i'm here in another city. i have no one i can call. this is not a very good thing. >> reporter: the manager of the 30th street station says they have been busy trying to reschedule passengers and amtrak is trying to get the mess cleaned up. but amtrak says most trains will
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be operating normally in north carolina today. the affected route is using buses instead. more from the passengers who were there coming up at 5:30. of course we'll bring you an update throughout the morning. for now, live at 30th street station, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 5:03. new from overnight, a man is in custody after police say he started a fire at this vacant house in west philadelphia. it started just after 3:00 this morning on fairmont avenue and hutton street. the man claimed to have jumped out of a second-floor window to escape the fire but they believe he started it. 5:03. several pennsylvania lawmakers will be charged today with accepting describes from an undercover informant. it's part of a larger investigation that has disgraced other public officials. katy zachry is live in center city. what do we expect to learn later today? >> reporter: later today we expect attorney seth williams to announce the names of several more lawmakers who will be
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charged with accepting bribs. now here's a look at the group of lawmakers initially targeted in the undercover sting operation. some of them have already been charged. now williams says they accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from an informant who posed as a lobbyist. the operation was run by the state attorney general's office. but when current attorney general kathleen cane inherited the case she questioned the integrity of the informant saying it was rationally targeted. that's when seth williams took the case to a grand jury. at 6:00 i'm including a story that includes what representatives and what former traffic court judge has already been charged in this case. plus, you'll hear excerpts from the conversations between those who have been charged and the undercover informant. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." following solidarity in north philadelphia last night as the community came together to
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remember fallen police officer robert wilson iii. there was a big show of support outside gamestop at 22nd and lehigh. wilson was there in that store last thursday buying a birthday present for his son when two robbers walked in. he tried to stop them and they shot him to death. the support last night was overwhelming for his fellow officers. >> we lost a warrior. and it's good to see that the 22nd district community is out here giving us this warmth and love and it means a lot. >> carlton hess and ramon williams are both charged with the murder of the officer. and the trial for the woman accused of dismembering her husband and keeping his remains in a closet. prosecutors believe loretta burrows stabbed her husband to death in 2007 hid his remaining and told investigators he left her for another woman.
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she moved the remains several times before they found them in a closet in may of 2013. a trucker ordered to stand trial in last week's deadly crash is due in court this morning. the man was sleep deprived after plowing into several cars causing them to burst into flames. three people died. he faces several charges including homicide by vehicle. his trial is scheduled to start march 18th. 5:06 now. crews are expected to continue repairing this water main break today in philadelphia's taconey neighborhood. it happened around 6:00 last night at robins avenue and walker street. one lane of traffic in each direction is temporarily closed until the repairs are made. one neighbor says noticed the water was draining slower in her home and then she looked outside. >> i was like i heard traffic going through water. and so then i heard people talking and i said what is going on and looked out and saw the river in the road. >> saw the river in the road.
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neighbors in the area do have water service and at this point have not suffered property damage. crews spent the early morning hour putting out hot spots from this fire at a landscapeing business in montgomery county. skyforce 10 was over this building around 9:00 last night. investigators are still looking into what caused the fire. pennsylvania governor tom wolf set a timeline to reorganize the state's medicaid program. his administration plans to transfer more than a million adult medicaid enrollees into a single benefits package. they hope to finish this by the end of september. and this changes the is said to be similar to the one enrollees had last year. after months of arguing, the trump name can stay on atlantic city's taj mahal casino after all. donald trump and his daughter sued to have the name removed saying the owners left the property to deteriorate damaging
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the trump's brand. but they reached an agreement with investigator karl icahn to let the trump name remain. he hopes to restore the taj mahal to its former glory. good morning. as we head into the rest of your tuesday, it will be a dry start with mostly cloudy skies. looking into the afternoon and evening, we're tracking rain and it will stay mild heading into the rest of today. really for the rest of your workweek. so i amtraking warmer temperatures in your seven-day, but more rain. we have an unsettled weather pattern. here's a live look outside at center city. mostly clear skies and temperatures are dry at 33 degrees. the air is calm. across theest are of the region we're at 25. 32 degrees in trenton. 30 degrees in mount holly. temperatures in atlantic city below freezing. we're at 31 in dover. because the temperatures are below freezing be careful as you may see the snow melt yesterday. but now it's refreezing. the satellite radar shot shows
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cloudy conditions right now. here's the moisture that's going to be moving in closer to us heading into the afternoon. so again, throughout this morning you'll be fine. it will be nice and dry, but grab the umbrella before you head out the door because all this rain is headed our way and will get here closer to 3:00 to 4:00. our temperatures today will stay mild. but as we start to see the rain move in once it starts it won't stop until after midnight. we're talking about moderate downpours, especially around 11:00 p.m. then after midnight it will clear up. by this time tomorrow we should be drying out and we'll see a pretty nice day. and just enough time to track another round of rainfall. so as we head into tonight through tomorrow morning, we could see close to an inch of rain for philadelphia. half an inch for allentown. today's rains will be between 46 and 51 degrees. rainy, mostly in the afternoon and evening, but mild conditions remain for us. then your seven-day forecast shows we have former air on the way, especially for wednesday. 57 degrees. it will be a nice afternoon. by friday night heading into the
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weekend, another chance of showers. about ten minutes after 5:00 now. before you head out the door it's always wise to get a check of any obstacles on the roads out there. >> and report jillian mele is here the with more. >> 76 is clear of any accidents. the vine street expressway is quiet the entire length of both directions. 95 is pretty average. no accidents or delays. that is good news for drivers waking up and traveling around philadelphia this morning. if you are waking up and traveling near the lehigh valley, this is what it looks like along route 22 at airport road. and you can see just a few drivers out there, but we're not reporting any delays. you can see it is quiet. 78 is also clear and the northeast extension is free of any accidents. tracy? well it's a problem that pops up every year around this time. huge potholes. ouch. they can wreak havoc on your car. coming up next half hour the resources one state is
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dedicating to smooth out your ride. and new information about the racist video that got one paternity or fraternity kicked off campus. now this morning the sorority is under investigation as well.
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new from overnight, ten people are dead after helicopters crash in argentina.
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we are told they were taping a reality show. and a sorority is now being investigated into the latest video posted by the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity. at least one woman is seen in the video. she has not been identified but the national office of the delta delta sorority says it is cooperating with the investigation. now the university has shut down sigma alpha epsilon and all members were kicked off campus. the university president says some students could be expelled for violating the civil rights act. about 1500 people marched to the state capital building yesterday demanding answers as to why police shot and killed an unarmed man. madison police say veteran officer matthew kenny shot tony robinson when robinson attacked him in an apartment friday night. >> he belongs now to everyone.
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and that's something we have had to accept. he's now a champion of progress. >> now madison's police chief says he hopes robinson's family can find forgiveness in their hearts but isn't acknowledging wrong doing by the officer or the department. the department of justice is investigating the shooting as robinson's family asks for peaceful protests to continue. and ferguson missouri court system will be describing ferguson's court system as profit driven and taking advantage of black residents. and heading to montgomery to retrace the steps demonstrators took in 1965 from selma, alabama. this recreates the march that took place 50 years ago to push for equal vote rights.
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it will end friday with a rally at the state capital. 5:15. happening later today, the christina school district will talk about their next move in the wake of a $9 million budget deficit. last month voters rejected a request to raise property taxes to cover growing costs. that's already impacting staffing. the school board will decide at the meeting tonight whether to request a second vote. happening today at a delaware county college, a congressman will unveil proposed legislation aimed to make schools safer at the bucks county conference on crimes against children. congressman mike fitzpatrick is pushing for stronger background checks for schools. the conference runs all day on campus. and the school safety will take center stage in delaware county today. representative joe hackin and other officials will be at the school this afternoon talking about legislation that will increase school safety drills for all public private and charter schools throughout the state. and hopefully your drive or ride to school or work will be a
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safe one wherever you're headed. >> bridges look good right now. this is a live along at new jersey route 73 at the new jersey turnpike. 73 is clear. the turnpike is looking good. normal spots of construction out there, but nothing to cause any big delays or slowdowns. and no delays to report on the northeast extension. your drive times are average this time of the morning, 22 minutes is what we're seeing right now. that's on the northeast extension between quakertown and the mid-county interchange. average speeds are in the mid-60s. the northeast extension is quiet. the pennsylvania turnpike is also looking good. if you're waking up in the lehigh valley no reports of problems on 22 78 or 309. good morning. heading into the rest of tuesday, we'll see rain move in. grab the umbrella heading out the door this morning. you won't need it in the morning hours but you need it heading into the afternoon and tonight.
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it will affect your evening commute. the good thing is we're at least staying mild with temperatures but we are tracking more rain. so it's an unsettled weather period over the next seven days. for philadelphia 33 degrees right now. we'll see mostly cloudy skies. the air is calmer. humidity at 85%. the rest of the region 30 degrees in reading. temperatures in atlantic city at 30 degrees as well. a few of the locations are below freezing because we saw the snow melt yesterday. you want to be very careful with a few icy spots with the leftover moisture refreezing. so we're at 25 degrees in the pocanos. 30 degrees right now in reading. 27 in coatsville. 33 in kenneth square. 22 in wilmington. 33 degrees in northeast philly right along the shore at 39 degrees in avalon. temperature s temperatures in lieuewis at 37.
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right now we are dry, just mostly cloudy skies. but here's the moisture to head our way from cincinnati. it is bringing rainfall to st. louis. it won't be until after 2:00 to 3:00 we see rain moving in. by 4:00 to 5:00 heading home from work you're dealing with light, steady rainfall. the yellow represents moderate rainfall closer to 11:00 p.m. most of the rain moves out after midnight. temperatures today will be closer to up average here. the average this time of the year is 50 degrees. yesterday at 57. today we'll head into the high 40s. low 50s. by tomorrow, back to the mid to high 50s. we're getting close to 60 degrees. then for today, temperatures range between 46 and 51 with rain moving in. as we head into the afternoon lasting through the evening and into tonight, your seven-day forecast shows 57 by tomorrow. it's drying out with a nice afternoon on your wednesday. we'll track another chance of rain friday into the weekend. a former rutgers football player paralyzed five years ago
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is now making his mark in the music industry. eric legrande is aspiring with carol marie and co-wrote her song "take back the power." it's about overcoming adversity. he suffered a spinal cord injury back in 2010 to leave him paralyzed below the shoulders. a launch party is scheduled next month with proceeds going to christopher and dana reeves foundation. will we hear from hillary clinton today? she may talk about her controversy over her e-mail. this morning we have what the president knew about her chosen means of correspondence. and the experts of cnbc will explain how a short stack managed to upstage apple on social media.
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5:23. there's a report that hillary clinton may break her silence about the private use of her e-mail while being secretary of state. and the white house is clarifying what president obama knew when trading e-mails with clinton. the president says he was not aware that hillary clinton was using a private server. and the white house is criticizing a move by nearly four dozen republican senators who have written a letter to iowan iran's lead erer that warns that
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u.s. allies could be undone if congress doesn't approve their plan. vice president joe biden says this could circumvent our constitutional system. iran's foreign minister said he would not interfere with u.s. politics last week. and yesterday nicholas medervo lashed out at president obama yesterday and talked about their treatment of political opponents. he denounced this as an attempt to cobble his government. and 5:24 and 33 degrees outside. denny's restaurant stepped up their social media yesterday. and denny's did it with a clever tweet. landon dowdy is here with details in the cnbc business news. tell us more about this. >> tracy, it seems everybody wants to jump on the apple
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bandwagon. when apple unveils a new product, many brands jump in on the action with tweets of their own merchandise. on monday it was a pancake that had people salivating during apple's big event. denny's posted a tweet with a 25.4 millimeter-thick pancake with the caption that said our thickest pancake yet. that came shortly after apple's delivery of the biggest macbook ever. the macbook had 2700 re-tweets. and taking a look at the futures, stocks are lower this morning. investors are shrugging off fears over the fed interest rate hike and sticking as a more positive look at friday's strong u.s. jobs report. that's just one notable piece of economic data today. wholesale trade. the dow rising with the nasdaq
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up to 4942. >> we'll see what happens to the markets today. i'm still thinking about pancakes. landon, thanks. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. dry now, but heading into the rest of the afternoon, i'm tracking rain to move in. our temperatures stay nice and mild. i'll go over the details in the seven-day forecast. and good morning. heading outside, a check on the drive times on route 422 it looks good the entire length. no accidents to report. eight minutes is what we're seeing between route 29 and 76. i'm matt delucia live at 30th street station. we are talking with passengers who were on board that amtrak train that crashed yesterday. we'll hear from them coming up after the break. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake
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describing their ordeal. this morning we'll hear from those aboard the amtrak train that crashed into a semitrailer. and two more local lawmakers are expected to be charged today in the investigation of public officials accepting cash and gifts. we'll tell you what we've uncovered. and warmer but wet. the first alert weather team is tracking rain to move into our area just in time for the evening commute. just about 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc
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10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. how about 57 yesterday? that's a nice taste of spring. we'll begin with meteorologist brittney shipp and the first alert forecast. the good news is the mid-50s are back in the seven-day forecast. we'll stay nice and mild but you want to grab the umbrella heading out the door. we're tracking rain heading into the afternoon and the evening. there's a live look outside right now. you can see it is nice and dry. mostly cloudy. and our current temperature is in the pocanos in the mid-20s. 28 in allentown. 30 in pottstown. 33 in philadelphia. 29 in millville. 34 in wildwood. there's the moisture that is going to head our way. all the rainfall. and as we head into the rest of your afternoon, after 2:00 to 3:00, that's when the rain will move in and it will stick around for the evening commute. temperatures for this time of the year at 50 degrees. yesterday we were above average. heading into today, we'll be pretty close to average. then by wednesday, back to the mid to high 50s. so i'm pretty excited about that seven-da


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